Why Enagic? The Importance of Negative ( – ) ORP Explained

 Oxidation IS defined in the Webster’s Dictionary as: the act or process of oxidizing

Approximately 3% of the air we breathe consists of oxygen atoms (plus toxins, tobacco smoke and pollutants) that have lost an electron on their outer shell, these atoms are termed free radicals because they are ever in search of the missing electrons which they steal from other atoms making themselves whole but creating another free radical in a kind of domino effect. Some scientists theorize that this occurs at the rate of about 20,000,000 times in under a second. The positive effect of this activity is the destruction of bacteria and other simple life forms. The negative side of this process is seen in metals as rust, and in food as the browning of apples, avocados, bananas, and potatoes all of which can be readily and quickly seen. Inside the human body these “atom pirates” (a term I just made up) are at work constantly tearing at our infrastructure, damaging our organs, and together with acids speeding our demise.

Besides the free radicals in the air there are other sources far more insidious that get far too little recognition in the press, and these are every where in the form of bottled water, and worst of all, sodas and sports and energy drinks. Hardly anyone is likely to refute the fact that today commercial interests are put before the interests of the public. Bottled water is not regulated by the government but the EPA regulates tap water. If one goes to the internet there is plenty of information available on these subjects to review.

Sodas and bottled waters when tested with an ORP Meter (a device used to measure the oxidation reduction potential of a liquid in millivolts) generally register in the range of a +350. A positive ORP number indicates that the liquid literally has the potential to rip incredible numbers of electrons from ones body every
second which leads to diseases of many kinds and speeds aging –NOT A GOOD THING.

The easy answer is obvious and simple – stop drinking beverages such as soda, bottled water and energy drinks. Though the last statement is quite logical such beverages have become a part of the current culture and for many soda and energy drinks are addictions.


Oxidation-reduction again according to Webster: a chemical reaction in which one or more electrons is transferred from molecule to another

Thank goodness nature has provided a “cavalry” in the form of anti-oxidants. There are molecules available to donate an electron (with no harm to themselves) to the free radical neutralizing it and turning it into a wonderful “good atom”, effectively ending its rampage. Since free radicals cause a tremendous cascade of destruction every second it is extremely important to compensate by providing ample anti-oxidants. Where can these anti-oxidant “warriors” be found? The most popular sources for anti-oxidants referred to in the press
today are vitamin C and green tea. A good quality vitamin C supplement
registers at around -50 on the ORP meter, and a good quality green tea properly brewed registers in the range of -80. A minus number in this case is good as it represents the ability to donate an electron (neutralizing) free radicals. If you look at the numbers for sodas etc. versus the anti-oxidant value of vitamin C and green tea you will realize that something more is needed to make the odds favor good health and anti-aging


It was discovered in the 1950s by investigating the
“miracle waters” of such places as Lourdes France, and Tlacote Mexico, revered for centuries as having healing qualities, that such waters have these things in common:

1) they are highly alkaline,

2) the waters are in small clusters,

3) when tested they have high negative ORPs.!!!

The Japanese by the mid 1970s had devised a way to duplicate these properties and produced equipment for medical uses. A division of Sony Corporation manufactured these devices for hospitals, clinics and commercial uses but it was not until Mr. Oshiro, a Sony executive, bought the company that these machines were finally miniaturized and made available to the public in 1994.When the household version hit the market 300,000 machines were quickly sold in Japan, without any advertizing, because the Japanese already had first-hand experience with the technology.

In 2003 Mr. Oshiro’s corporation (named Enagic), the sole manufacturing and distributing company, opened offices in Honolulu, Los Angeles,
Chicago and New York; this opened up the US market, however it reached only the Japanese and other oriental cultures. In 2006 the news spread outside these groups and since then Enagic has been the acknowledged “GOLD STANDARD” in the water technology arena.

You are invited to view their
awards and certifications at http://www.enagic.com and learn more at  http://www.checkoutkangen.com

Ing Jose I. Garcia, EE please ask me for more information about this water processor.and its healthy benefits. Actually for me as engineer, they are the next decade substitute of the classic filtration systems.


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