Water quality Did you know?

Did you know that . . .

The quality of the water you drink may be the single most important element for achieving
and maintaining optimal health.(Remenber we are 75% water)
• Aquafina uses the Detroit River as one of its main water sources*
• Dasani water has been banned from the UK on 2 occasions††
• Water stored in plastic bottles leaches phthalates from the plastic which disrupt normal
hormone production and have been linked to breast and testicular cancers and declining
fertility rates†
Scientists are just now beginning to research the long term ways in which the chemicals used
to make plastic bottles interact with human biochemistry . . . however the findings suggest
that it is contributing to our increasing obesity epidemic‡
• The expanding bottled water industry has led to a vast area of the Pacific Ocean, twice the
size of Texas, that is now a “plastic stew” and those chemicals are entering our food chain‡
• Except for the small amount of plastic that has been incinerated, every bit of plastic ever
made still exists‡
• Annually 900 deaths and 900,000 reported illnesses are attributed to tainted water†
Our government allows up to 25% untreated raw sewage to be “blended” with treated water
and used as tap water*
• Tap water is a “soup” of enteric viruses & bacteria, chemical byproducts from manufacturing,
runoff from farming which includes synthetic fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides,
pharmaceutical drugs & hormones, household cleaning residues, heavy metals from
degrading plumbing, human & animal wastes, parasites, arsenic, radon and much, much
• 25% of all bottled water is simply untreated tap water*
• 33% of all bottled water tested contained such high levels of synthetic and organic
chemicals, bacteria and arsenic that it violated industry standards*
The EPA has set “allowable levels” for 87 natural and synthetic contaminants, but thousands
more go completely unregulated†
• The very chemicals used to treat tap water react with decaying vegetation producing
byproducts that have been linked with bladder and rectal cancers†
Your body is composed of roughly 70-100 trillion cells which range from 76% to 98% water,
but most Americans are chronically dehydrated, leading to headaches, arthritis, lethargy,
constipation, insomnia, “brain fog” and much, much more . . .
†American Journal of Nursing, Tainted Water on Tap, Nov 2005 *NDRC, Swimming in Sewage, Feb 2004
‡Plastic Ocean, Susan Casey, Feb 2007 ††NY Times, Coke Recalls Bottled Water, Alan Cowell, March 20, 2004
 More information read
these articles, and many more, request to this publisher.


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