Cancer and Kangenwater

Today we have an ocean of confusing information, articles in which  different

experts state many different reasons for illness. However, I  think that the

main reason for illness was stated very clearly in 1931!  Over 75 years ago,

Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel prize for his  discovery that cancer is

caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack  of oxygen at the cellular level.

According to Warburg, damaged cell  respiration causes fermentation, resulting

in low pH (acidity) at the  cellular level.


Dr. Warburg, in his Nobel Prize winning study, illustrated the  environment

of the cancer cell. A normal healthy cell undergoes an adverse  change when it

can no longer take in oxygen to convert glucose into  energy. In the absence

of oxygen, the cell reverts to a primal nutritional  program to nourish itself

by converting glucose through the process of  fermentation. The lactic acid

produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH  (acid/alkaline balance) and

destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control  cell division. The cancer cells then

begin to multiply. The lactic acid  simultaneously causes severe local pain as

it destroys cell enzymes.  Cancer appears as a rapidly growing external cell

covering, with a core of  dead cells.


Dr. Otto Warburg finished one of his most famous speeches with the  following

statement: "…nobody today can say that one does not know what  cancer and its

prime cause is. On the contrary, there is no disease whose  prime cause is

better known, so that today ignorance is no longer an  excuse that one cannot do

more about prevention."


Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in  

anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic, conditions. In other words, the  main cause for

cancer is acidity of the human body.


By the time I read his genius speech, he had been dead a long time. I  

wonder, if this discovery was so important that he received the Nobel  Prize, why

doesn’t everyone know what pH is?


As soon as scientists discovered what healthy human blood pressure  and

temperature are supposed to be, devices were invented to measure them.  Whenever I

went to a doctor, my blood pressure and temperature were  measured, but I

don’t ever remember a doctor measuring my pH. High blood  pressure and fever,

though not pleasant, do not cause cancer. The acidic  condition of the blood does.

It is not my opinion; it is what the  internationally renowned scientist Dr.

Warburg has proven. For this  statement he won the Nobel Prize. As the outcome

of the recognition of his  discovery, I think it is vital to make pH

information available at once to  everyone.

Kangenwater creates an hostile alkaline cellular environment for the cancer.

Ing Jose I. Garcia from several sources and documents


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