Feeling some effects after drinking Kangen Water(TM).

Feeling nauseous after drinking Kangen Water™? Why?

It’s a safe bet you’re living in an acidic state—very acidic. An inventory of your diet, including the beverages you are drinking, is your first order of business. Guaranteed, if you are drinking a hefty amount of soda and alcoholic drinks on a regular or daily basis, all the healthy eating and Kangen Water™ drinking in the world is not going to correct your internal biological terrain unless you are willing to take drastic action.

So far, I haven’t met a person who could do what I’m about to suggest. Drink 30 glasses for every one glass of alcohol or soda just to get neutral.

Want to read that again? You MUST drink 30 glasses of Kangen Water™ for every ONE glass of alcohol or soda just to neutralize it.
That boils down to 150 glasses of Kangen Water™ if you are drinking five 16 oz glasses or cans of alcohol or soda each day. That’s four gallons of Kangen Water™ everyday to neutralize 1 can of soda or alcohol and 19 gallons of Kangen Water™ EVERYDAY to neutralize five 16 oz glasses or cans. That’s a whole lot of water. Now keep in mind, we are not even talking about how much it would take to push your internal terrain over to the alkaline side.

With this much acid present, nausea as a reaction to a high alkaline pH is understandable. So here’s the solution. Cut down, then out the soda and most of the alcohol. Granted, cutting all of these harsh drinks out at once would be best, but that’s not a realistic expectation. Stopping all acidic drinks cold turkey is tantamount to a drug addict taking heroin one day and completely stopping the next and expecting to maintain. It’s not likely to happen.

For motivation to eliminate these drinks, know this. Soda is so bad for you that it has garnered the nickname “cancer in a can.” Here’s what to do so the nauseous feeling isn’t there and the health benefits are.

  • Start with 8.5 pH Kangen Water™ for two weeks, then go up to the next level for another two weeks until you have satisfactorily reached the holy grail of alkaline water, 9.5 Kangen Water™.
  •  Now let’s back track for a minute. If you are drinking 8.5 pH and the nauseousness persists, cut the 8.5 pH in half by mixing it with the 7.0 neutral water. Follow the same regimen. Stay at the lower more satisfactory level for two weeks before moving up.
  •  The right amount of good water is critical for the right results. That’s why I gave you an illustration of the amounts of good water to drink (4 gallons to one 16 oz can or glass) to bring an acidic condition neutral without changing your habits. But it is unrealistic. Yet, with a change in dietary habits, you are ready to begin drinking no less than ½ oz to 1 oz per pound of body weight of Kangen Water™ every single day. If health problems are present and to see a difference in how you feel, you have got to go with the 1 oz per pound of body weight to change the biological terrain toward a more stable alkaline state.  
There is no question that high consumption of soda and alcohol on a regular basis makes you more acidic than you realize. At the end of the day, acidic drinks like alcohol, soda and sports drinks, even in small or moderate amounts, create a tremendously acidic terrain. And an acidic terrain fosters illness and disease—a situation that every Kangen Water™ devotee is striving to avoid. You may not be sick today, but if you maintain old habits without making some corrections, it’s only a matter of time before you will be.


One response to “Feeling some effects after drinking Kangen Water(TM).

  1. What about tea and coffee? I am currebtly drinking alkaline water and after a few days of only high ph water I started to feel dizzy and sick. I know the water is good for me, i dont want to stop. Can i balance it by drinking tea?

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