How an ORP negative is antioxidant

H2O  H+ + OHˉ (dissociation)        Law of Nernst’s equilibrium type  The origins of life are concealed in this simple chemical formula. The carbon chemistry is our system of life.

H+  +  OH – + C2  + N2  = living cells

but KangenWater is simply the first term  =  H+ + OH- or dissociate water.

Water that lost its original energy not dissociate in OH and H  is simply a lump of H20. So neither OH nor H exist in any bottle water.
But dissociation phenomena are observed in electrolyzed water and it is scientifically measurable.It became clear that electricity produce Kangen water (dissociate water). When we drink KW from mouth, it reaches direct to intracellular levels because H+ and OH- will not chemically react with  substances and pass through stomach and intestines.
What is a free radical?
Active oxygen, O2, is known as Free Radicals (FR) and are the base of the current aging theory.
Degenerative diseases are caused by Active Oxygen.They destroy the ADN links and degenerate the the body.
When O2 or FR reaches an OH- + e of KW  the result is just  water: H20, inside the the O2 the potential harmful effect over the cells.This is a never ending process but we can effectively mitigate the aging process thousands of times better than any antioxidants like lycopenes or betacarotenes. 


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