Magnesium and Sulfates: key for our health.

Magnesium and Sulfates are
the second most abundant element in all human cells. They are
responsible for helping to regulate 325 enzymes, as well as
orchestrating multiple body functions – everything from muscle control
and energy production, to the elimination of toxins.Remenber that all our body’ internal processes are electrochemicals processes which need MINERALS to work properly. Usually  they should be supplied by vegetables and GOOD MINERAL WATER.

Our SAD diet (Standard American Diet ) doesnt help with this supply.!!!

Unfortunately, according to the National Academy of Sciences, most
Americans are deficients in both magnesium and sulfates; this accounts
for the high rate of heart disease, arthritis and joint pain complaints,
osteoporosis, chronic fatigue and stress-related illnesses, as well as
digestive maladies.

It is reported that men only get 70 percent of the magnesium and
sulfates they need for good health, while women receive a mere 60

KangenWater(tm) helps you to balance these important minerals.Benefits for our health are simplified below:

Benefits from Magnesium

  • Improves concentration and sleep
  • Reduces stress
  • Regulates enzyme activity
  • Prevents artery hardening and clotting of the blood
  • Improves the effectiveness of insulin
  • Reduces the inflammation associated with sore muscles and
  • Increases the efficiency of oxygen use

Benefits from Sulfates

  • Flushes internal toxins
  • Helps to maximize the absorption of nutrients
  • Aids in brain tissue formation, mucin proteins (which line the
    walls of the digestive tract), and joint proteins
  • Stimulates the pancreas’ production of digestive enzymes,
    improving digestion
  • Helps ease migraine headaches

KangenWater(tm) is alkaline water produced only by the Enagic water
processors through its exclusive high-end electrolysis system.



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