Clean Just With Water


What if you could replace all of your cleaning
liquids with a solution that would leave any surface bacteria-free in
less than 30 seconds? And what if that solution were ten times more
effective than bleach in killing bacteria, without that terrible bleach smell? What if that solution were totally ecofriendly and safe to use around your children and pets?Would you use this solution?????

What if I told you that this solution is EPA, FDA and USDA approved and
costs about a penny a gallon? Would you use it now? What would it do for
your business? Would that put extra money in your pocket, during these though economic times? How much would you save over the course of a year?
What would the economic impact upon your business or household be, if
you could save most or all of the money you are now spending to clean
your home or place of business? What would the impact be, if you could
market your business ( a RESTAURANT for example) as Ecofriendly?

Would that bring this  more

I believe it would >>>>>>>>
My job, my responsibility is to get you information to
get your questions answered  about this new water technology.
Your job is to
make your best cost effective solutions for  your family and business.
I look forward to speaking with you soon.!!!

I will show here a little bit about the benefits of using this amazing technology


Alternative To Toxic Chemicals!

Uses for Strong Alkaline and Strong Acidic Water

Alternative To Toxic Chemicals

CLEAN JUST WITH WATER………!!!!You will be absolutely blown away by the power of water:

STRONG ALKALINE Water pH 11.5 and higher


* Cleaning Power
* Effectively dissolves & cleans greasy  materials.
* Softens materials quickly.
* Dissolving Power
* Ability to dissolve and draw out substances.
* Thermal Conduction
* Reduces boiling time.

Strong Kangen Water packs an effective cleaning effect as a detergent preserving hygiene in your daily life.

* To clean cutting boards, knives and dishes.
* To sterilize vegetables, meats.
* To remove slime and stains on the floor.
* To remove toilet stains.
* To remove stains from coffee & sauces.
* To use for washing clothes (eliminates the need for laundry detergents)
* To remove the harsh taste of wild vegetables.


SANITARY WATER – Disinfecting

Excellent cleaning and disinfecting power strong acidic water has excellent disinfecting power that help prevent food poisoning..Some benefits:

* Use it to clean & sterilize your produce, meat & cookware.
* To sanitize knives, cutting boards and dish towels
* To disinfect your toothbrushes
* To clean your skin
* To remove tea and coffee stains
* To eliminate odors



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