Good water or right water, what is it? (Dr.Shinya’s conference)

(notes taken from Dr. Shinya, 2009 conference, Anahein,CA)

Recently people have begun talking about small water molecules called “clusters” as being requirement for good water.But at present, there is still no clear understanding of this matter.

To put in another way,good water means water with strong REDUCTION (antioxidant) power that has not been POLLUTED with CHEMICAL substances. ( HARD TO FIND TODAY)

In simple words, water with natural minerals  calcium and magnesium principally and potassium, iron, copper and other minerals.

The relation calcium/magnesium is important.The appropriate ratio of calcium to magnesium is said to be 2:1

90% of all bottle water are PURIFIED WATER ,  no mineral water.They don’t have these minerals.

The real MINERAL bottle WATER is expensive to keep drinking in a regular way. It has no redox properties is  “dead water”.

Water with strong reduction properties are found only in rivers, springs and waterfalls. It is impossible to take them home.

Solution? I believe it is necessary to have and use a purifier ( KANGEN IONIZER) with redox properties to recreate the reduction  power of the original water. ( kangen in Japanese means return of the origin)

to be continued>>>>>


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