UCLA Study Finds Teens Think Sports Drinks Are Healthy

A new study about those energy drinks that help some of you get through the day is out, and the buzz throughout the country about it is not so good.

The recent study shows that energy drinks might actually be doing more harm than good.

It finds a link between the drinks and seizures, diabetes, and behavior disorders, especially in young adults and children.

“”i can never think of any situation where an energy drink is needed,” says Tara Harwood, R.N., Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.  “A lot of energy drinks promote weight loss, increased stamina, increased athletic performance, and increased concentration. You know, really, if you eat a balanced diet, you stay well hydrated, and you exercise, those things can do the same without those consequences.”

More information about this study,brands and consecuences please leave a comment asking for the complete study FREE

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