We don’t drink enough RIGHT water according EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency)

Tisi is part of an extensive report ( public)denomined

Estimated Per Capita Water Ingestion and Body Weight in the
United States–  An Update Based on Data Collected by the United States Department of Agriculture’s 1994–1996 and 1998 Continuing Survey of
Food Intakes by Individuals REPORT 822 R oo 001

The idea of this report as part of govermnet policy of the

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) generated the estimates in this report
in response to legislative mandates in the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996. These mandates require up-to-date information on water ingestion to identify subpopulations at elevated risk of health effects from exposure to contaminants in drinking water.

On average, the estimated daily per capita ingestion of community water is 926 mL/person/day.
Considering water from all sources, the mean per capita daily average total water ingestion is 1.233 L.
The estimated 90th percentiles of the distributions of daily average per capita water ingestion by the U.S.
population are 2.014 L of community water and 2.341 L of water from all sources.
Two liters per person per day has been used as the default value for water ingestion by EPA, other
Federal agencies, and the WHO. Chapter 4 of this report shows that the estimated 90th percentile of
community water ingestion for the general population (males and females of all ages) is 2 L per day (2.1
L for males, and 1.9 L per day for females), and that the estimated 90th percentile of total water ingestion
is 2.3 L per day (2.5 L per day for males and 2.2 L per day for females).


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