Pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation. It’s also a time of toxicity.

Baby is constantly fed and nourished with alkaline minerals from Mommy. And Baby’s needs for the alkaline minerals overrides Mommy’s needs for the same minerals. When so much of the alkaline minerals are taken from Mom, it puts her on a path to high-level acidity at a critical time when the baby’s cells begin to divide, multiply and form this new human being. It is a metabolic process where its by-product of waste is dumped back into the placenta where Baby is forming and growing cell by cell by cell.

When left alone or the alkalinity of the mother is ignored, there is a danger to both mother and baby. It is a lot like a goldfish left in a dirty bowl. If it isn’t kept clean, the fish can eventually die because the acid waste sucks the oxygen out of the fluids that are meant to contribute to the growth and health of the fish…or baby.

Today the statistics are staggering when it comes to autism, cancer and diabetes among children.!! They are increasing at warp speed. Autism is at an all time rate of 1 case in 150 with boys having autism four times more frequently than that of girls. Cancer is the number one health condition of children under 14. And diabetes is showing up in children in larger and larger numbers of cases. The commonality of all of these diseases is they all thrive in an acidic environment. This is why it is crucial for a mom-to-be to run, not walk, to the nearest water source and demand, Kangen Water before she decides to become pregnant. It is the single best thing she can do for her body when it is preparing to ‘house’ a tiny little being.— LouAnn Savage
(taken from her blog)


One response to “Pregnancy

  1. the most important reason is our change of lifestyle mainly in the western culture. The increased popular demand of highly acidic sodas and sport drinks in the last decade, (with free refills verywhere) has reduced the intake of water to less of 2 liters by day. by person ( 50 % less) of the proposed daily intake for one body of 150 pounds.
    At the same time, all the degeneratives diseases rates have increased including cancer.( When 25 years ago you remember children under 14 with cancer?)

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