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How KANGEN WATER can help an expectant mother

When you decide that you want to start trying to have a baby, you need to think about more than the maintaining a proper diet throughout the pregnancy. You also need to get the body ready before it happens. A healthy environment is necessary for your future child to grow in, and many women are looking at different ways to prepare themselves beforehand. Kangen Water is one of the best methods that women are choosing, before and during pregnancy.

Kangen Water is alkaline water; a pure and healthy water is that is good for you while tasting delicious. A water processor  is used to filter out any harmful chemicals that can come from your tap water through a process of ionization. After the filtering is done, what you are left with is alkaline water, which is essential to balance the pH levels in the body for a healthier you.

Making sure your body is prepared for pregnancy inside and out is something that you seriously need to consider. During the fetus’ growth, Your body is going to need an alkaline reserve (a sufficient alkaline mineral supply in the blood). The best way to achieve this is by drinking alkaline water. Kangen Water will ensure that you have a sufficient supply of alkalinity and therefore you will be ready for conception.

The placenta will use the alkaline reserves that are in your body after you fall pregnant. If you have a sufficient reserve, the placenta won’t have to look elsewhere in the body for those vital minerals, like the teeth or the bones. It will continue to use these reserves to neutralize the acidic discharges that will come from the baby over the next nine months.

The importance of water during pregnancy is far-reaching and the alkaline minerals during this time are essential. Women who don’t have enough of those minerals in their body are most likely to experience severe morning sickness. Another issue that can arise is that without the right amount of alkaline minerals present in the body to neutralize those acidic discharges, the risk of jaundice in the baby at birth rises.

During the pregnancy, your baby will get all the minerals it needs before its mother for its cellular development since the embryonic fluid must be at an optimum level. That fluid needs to stay as clean as possible, and be as alkaline as possible for the baby’s development and health. Alkaline water provides the right nutrients and minerals to ensure the health of both baby and mother are protected.

Pregnancy builds a high demand for water within your body and in your developing child. Every new cell that is created must be filled with water and that water comes from what you drink and eat. Give your body and your baby the best healthcare possible by choosing healthy and delicious Kangen Water.

( taken from Hubert Hansency blog)


Pregnant women should drink Kangen Water™

An article authored by three professionals came to us, it’s about whether pregnant women should drink Kangen Water™, and whether this water is safe and healthy for both mother and baby.  I’ve summed up the three part article below:

Within the first week of pregnancy, mother’s body goes through several significant changes that affect her until she delivers, and often for the rest of her life.  Mother starts making the placenta, feeding the new baby, and providing all of the nutrients and minerals that baby will need to develop.

This draws heavily on mother’s body to supply the water for baby’s tissue, and calcium for bones and teeth.  As baby develops, his body begins to function on its own and, in the process, it consumes nutrients and makes waste.  Since mother’s blood vessels are not connected to baby’s blood vessels, baby’s waste is discharged into the placenta and mother has to supply neutralizing buffers in some form of alkaline pH.  If mother doesn’t have a sufficient supply of alkaline pH substances in her diet to supply this demand, the body makes the buffer from calcium, which is taken from mother’s bones and teeth.  All of this draw from mother’s body causes her to become acidic (acidosis), and it’s acidosis that causes morning sickness.

The key to a healthy mother and baby is to keep mother’s body alkalized.  If the pregnancy is planned, mother should begin a diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and drink Kangen Water™.  When mother becomes pregnant, she should drink a minimum of ½ fl oz of Kangen Water™ per pound of body weigh, more if possible.  It is very important that mother drink at least 16 fl oz of Kangen Water™ the first thing in the morning 1/2 hour before breakfast.  If she does this, she will probably not experience morning sickness.

Continuing this regimen through the pregnancy will address a number of issues: Plenty of fluid for baby to form with and in, plenty of fluid to flush wastes from mother’s body, plenty of alkaline pH to supply both mother and baby’s needs, to minimize mother’s calcium loss thus staving off osteoporosis, stronger cells in both mother and baby, and all of the other benefits of being healthy from drinking Kangen Water™.

If you know of anyone who is pregnant or who is planning a family, encourage both mom and dad to start drinking Kangen Water™ (kids too).  A healthy family makes for a better pregnancy.

(NOTE: Children old enough to eat solid foods are old enough to drink Kangen Water™


Pregnancy is a time of joy and anticipation. It’s also a time of toxicity.

Baby is constantly fed and nourished with alkaline minerals from Mommy. And Baby’s needs for the alkaline minerals overrides Mommy’s needs for the same minerals. When so much of the alkaline minerals are taken from Mom, it puts her on a path to high-level acidity at a critical time when the baby’s cells begin to divide, multiply and form this new human being. It is a metabolic process where its by-product of waste is dumped back into the placenta where Baby is forming and growing cell by cell by cell.

When left alone or the alkalinity of the mother is ignored, there is a danger to both mother and baby. It is a lot like a goldfish left in a dirty bowl. If it isn’t kept clean, the fish can eventually die because the acid waste sucks the oxygen out of the fluids that are meant to contribute to the growth and health of the fish…or baby.

Today the statistics are staggering when it comes to autism, cancer and diabetes among children.!! They are increasing at warp speed. Autism is at an all time rate of 1 case in 150 with boys having autism four times more frequently than that of girls. Cancer is the number one health condition of children under 14. And diabetes is showing up in children in larger and larger numbers of cases. The commonality of all of these diseases is they all thrive in an acidic environment. This is why it is crucial for a mom-to-be to run, not walk, to the nearest water source and demand, Kangen Water before she decides to become pregnant. It is the single best thing she can do for her body when it is preparing to ‘house’ a tiny little being.— LouAnn Savage
(taken from her blog)

Pregnant mother and healthiest preparation:Kangen Water(TM)

As human beings, our natural state is one of alkalinity. When a woman gets pregnant she starts giving up alkaline minerals to her fetus. In that process, toxicity becomes part of pregnancy.

Drinking Kangen Water(TM) is one of the best preparations for pregnancy and one of the best elements for nutritional maintenance before and during gestation. When combined with recommended vitamins and a healthier diet before becoming pregnant, a woman’s biological system is likely to be at its healthiest for conception.

We know Baby is drawing all of its nutrition from Mother. God made sure that between the two this new life gets the alkaline mineral priority. The very nature of pregnancy makes it easy to understand why the mother can become acidic. As Baby is being fed through the umbilical cord, its cells are being formed and waste results. Pregnant Mom’s biological job is to contribute alkaline minerals into the placenta so the fluid stays free of toxins that are acidic. Reserves of alkaline minerals are critical to both mother and baby’s health and wellbeing. Waste becomes the by-product of the metabolic process between mother and baby. It is important that the embryonic fluid stays as clean and as alkaline as possible–like an insurance policy for baby’s health. If Mom’s reserves are insufficient, a challenge occurs with a struggle to maintain whatever alkaline minerals are being depleted. If these vital minerals can’t be found in the reserves, the body looks elsewhere throughout Mom’s body like bones and teeth.

Among all of the changes going on throughout Mom’s body,keeping under control toxicity and acidity for two people at the same time may be the most challenging. Baby gets the alkaline minerals first over mother which gives an advantage to baby’s cellular development. Baby’s cells divide and grow best when the embryonic fluid is at an optimum level. If it is not that is when we hear of women’s teeth becoming weak or falling out or their bones getting brittle from depletion of calcium .

Tony Robbins, in his Edge of Alkaline seminar, illustrates acid this way; sugar = acid and acid = glue. Excess acid creates solid waste and thickens the blood. Bad blood circulation is an invitation to all kinds of acid related conditions and problems. At some level, these results stem from a polluted internal terrain. Drinking the best alkaline water available is one of the best defenses for both mother and baby. Kangen Water(TM) is the best place to start. Like sports, the best defense is a strong offense.

Source: Dave Carpenter, N.D., Ac.C., Author Change Your Water Change Your Life and Sang Whang, Author Reverse Aging

LouAnn Savage is publisher and editor of The Weekly Healthline, an online health publication. She is lecturer, researcher and marketer for health and fitness programs and product that advance the world toward true health.